Service Dog Update

Sallee has not been willfully trying to take over the pack leadership after all. She has been having problems with her back. Every time I asked her to down it was causing her pain. Yes, I am an idiot.

I realized her problem when she started to have problems with her back legs again. When I first got her she was clumsy, and was having trouble with her hind legs. They told me she might have arthritis. When we went to the veterinarian’s they checked for me, and said she didn’t have any arthritis.

By then she was doing better. She’d firmed up and lost weight, and seemed much better. When she started having trouble again, I thought to check for swelling. Her back just in front of her hips, was swollen and sore. I felt terrible expecting her to do things that had aggravated her back.

I know she can do a down, so I am going to move on in the training, and not make her do them regularly anymore. I will still make sure to take the lead, but with more understanding now.


Sallee and a Rough Patch

My Top Dog trainer has suggested that I am not being dominant enough with Sallee. That it is not plain enough to her who is in charge. She now has to set before she’s allowed out the door. She can’t eat until I give her the command Sallee eat, and a number of other new behaviours.

She can be quite stubborn about obeying my commands, but a lot of this is my fault for not making plain to her who is the pack leader. I also haven’t been doing her sits, and downs in enough different settings. We are working on it. She still is doing a great job of helping me with my balance. There seems to be no problem there.

It was also suggested to me, by one of the people who reads my blog and has her own service dog, that I get Sallee out and about more; not just take her walking in the woods. We have been doing that. We went out walking along the road this morning. I have been working with her trying to get her to cross the road faster. She has a tendency to slow down when we cross, and it makes me nervous. Today she let me hurry her across, and no cars had to stop, or slow down for us. I gave her a lot of praise.

Why do We Procrastinate?

I procrastinate. I’ve read it can be from trying to be a perfectionist, but that never seemed to quite fit. I was watching a Ted Talk that suggested it’s because we have too many choices. The more choices you have, the harder it becomes to decide on something, and the less likely you are to be satisfied with the outcome. The inability to decide can even cause paralysis. You can’t decide so you do nothing.

I am having trouble working on my crafts. I have six different crafts that I want to do. Some I have tried in the past, and some are new to me. I have been doing nothing on them. So, I decided to limit my choices. I made a list of the crafts, and assigned one day a week to each. There is no choice. Monday is knitting, Tuesday is clay, Wednesday is painting; you get the idea.

Having limited my choices, on any given day, should stop the paralysis.

Camp nano wrimo

It’s half way through the month, and my story is still not going well. I have decided to start over. It’s a real drastic action, I know, but if I ever want to finish I need to do this. I guess there’s a reason for my working on my first story for more than eight years now. It rots.

Camp Nanowrimo Update

It’s actually harder to take my scattered ideas from the last eight years, and combine them into a story, than to write a whole new one. At least it is for me. I am way behind in my word count for the month, even if I just do the 20,000. I only have 4,681 words written and we’re almost half way through the month.

Hopefully it will get easier soon. I’ve almost finished putting together my scattered ideas. Once I start on original material, I’m hoping it will go faster.

You Can Do Anything for Thirty Days Update

My first thirty days was up on April 6th. It had mixed results. I think I got too ambitious, and tried to change too much at once. Should of concentrated on just one goal.

It was a good experience though. I prioritized my goals, and I am happy to say I did stick to my number one goal for the full thirty days. The rest of the goals were more hit or miss. I did accomplish more than I would have without trying the thirty-day challenge. I’ve been thinking about it, and have decided to try again for another month. I’m going to add just one new goal, while still working on my number one priority.

I am going to start today, and work on my writing every day for a month. I joined Camp Nanowrimo this month. That should help with my new resolve.

Let me know if you tried the thirty-day challenge, and how it worked out for you.

Stephen Hawkings Says

Hawkings is quoted in an article by Clara Moskowitz on, in an article Aug. 2010, as saying “Our only chance of long-term survival is not to remain in-ward looking on planet earth, but to spread out into space.” He brings up a number of reasons for this view.

What mankind is doing to the planet, natural catastrophes such as asteroids hitting the planet, and run ins with hostile aliens.

He gives humans a few hundred years, to a few thousand. And I thought I was getting too pessimistic.

On msnbc this morning, they have a short story on Hawkings warning that “mankind won’t survive another 1000 years without escaping our fragile planet.” I’m not that negative, I prefer to take the Bible’s word on it. Try Isaiah 45:18. Earth will continue to be inhabited.